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Tenkara Rod Repairs



Fish DO NOT Break Tenkara Rods, Fisher Folks Break Tenkara Rods

Tenkara Rods are surprisingly tough, strong and resilient when it comes to catching fish.  However they must be opened, closed and handled by the angler with care and attention.

I personally inspect and static test each and every rod before it is shipped in order to do everything possible to prevent shipping a rod with any manufacturing related defect. 

 All of our products come with full inspection and return privileges.  Any of our products that you purchase can be returned in "as new" condition within 15 days of receipt for a full and prompt refund of the full purchase price, less shipping costs.  You can purchase with full confidence that our products are as described and will meet your needs and expectations.

So what happens if, heaven forbid, you break your Fountainhead fly rod.  I will repair your rod for a cost of $20.00 plus $7.50 for return shipping.  Total cost to remit $27.50,   that includes parts, labor and return shipping.

PLEASE NOTE - I cannot repair rods that are over 2 (two) years old.  Over time, minor improvements are made to rods, and I am not able to obtain replacement parts for older rods.  This service is extended only to the original purchaser of the rod.

 I will replace any broken section of your rod with a new section. I will also inspect and test the rest of the rod to make sure there were no other components damaged in the accident.  I need to match the existing pieces of your rod with the new section, so it is important that you send all of your rod, not just the broken section, but also the good ones. I have found that it is best to hand fit and match each section together.  If your rod has received major damage (i.e. run over by a car), please contact me before returning the rod so we can discuss if the rod can be repaired.


Here’s what you need to do -

Send your Fountainhead Tenkara rod for inspection to:

Fountainhead Flyfishing Services

35127 Concord Lane

Farmington Hills, Mi 48331

  Here's What we need:

    1.    A check  for $27.50 to Fountainhead FlyFishing Services.

    2.    Your name and  USPS’able return address

     3.    Please include your email address in case I have to contact you  

The check covers the service and shipping back to you. We can not be responsible for rods lost in transit to me, or returned that are left on your front porches and stolen.

We will turn your rod around usually within 2 days of receipt.


A stick, some string and a fly